• Are you tired of struggling to lose that extra weight?
  • Are you sick of feeling tired before the end of each day?
  • Have you had enough of constant physical pain?
  • Are you through with feeling controlled by your emotions?



A LifeStyle Fitness Revolution

BodyJuggling is a revolutionary combination of Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and dance which uses expressive movement on stability balls to build dynamic balance, strength, flexibility, agility, core power, and cardiorespiratory fitness. This workout will rip your core, tone your butt, and sculpt your thighs while providing the toughest mental challenge you will find in any fitness regimen.

Based on the principles of Chinese Martial Arts, this exercise system increases the sensitivity of proprioceptors (feeling neurons) and repatterns neural networks increasing the speed of communication between the mind and body. This heightened sensory awareness and increased control of the mind combine to relieve chronic pain, release emotional trauma, alleviate mental stress, and burn massive calories for rapid weight loss.

The BodyJuggling system is a curriculum of dynamic relaxation and neuro-kinesthetic exercises that can be utilized by anyone thanks to progressive exercises which start with simple yoga like poses and quickly progress to optional levels of difficulty. In the advanced stages these exercises are strung together in the seamless flow of tai chi forms. These training techniques stimulate and increase the functional capacity of the body and mind, improving performance in athletes, dancers, musicians, as well as performers of every kind.







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